Jared, Jared, Jared...you and those pair of oversized jeans you hold up in your commercials are so deceiving, shame on you. The basic Subway commercial essentially sets Jared up for being their prime example of what "healthy" Subway sandwiches can do for you---help you loose weight by just eating their meals (doesn't mention what choices he makes or whether or not he exercises).

The truth is, that if anyone looked at the nutritional information that Subway has available on their website, they would see that the commercials aren't everything they're cracked up to be. Okay, my reaction to their menu and semi-false advertising aside, it's up to you to order something that's healthier and better for you. Thankfully, while Subway might not be the fresh and healthy choice that TV makes them out to be, they definitely land on the healthier side of your dining out options (when you make the right choices), especially when compared to McDonalds or something.

My suggestions are based solely on getting a sub, not about breakfast or soups or salad. I know that they offer all those things, but I've never tried them and don't feel right giving suggestions. On the other hand, I can say this much: If the soup is creamy looking, just say no because cream = not so healthy. Also, I can say that add your toppings/fillings to a bed of salad is going to definitely be healthier than putting them on bread. If you're getting a salad though, ask them to use spinach instead of the normal iceberg lettuce for a more nutritious salad. Anywho, on to sandwiches!!

Just because you're trying to be healthy and be careful of what passes through your mouth, it doesn't mean that you can't go out and enjoy some delicious food. Don't deprive yourself ALL the time, haha.

Today I went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with my mother to use a gift card we received from my aunty for Christmas. I go to CPK often enough that I decided that going to their website and printing out the nutritional info for their whole menu was important. After a lot of scrutiny, especially after their recent menu change, I've decided on what I believe are some "healthier yet tasty" options.

Just to let you know, I only have suggests for appetizers and pizzas. Why else go to CPK if you're not planning on getting a pizza?! Hence, that is the reason I will not be discussing sandwiches or pastas or whatever else....I've never really ordered any of those things. Besides, I've had a look at the nutritional info for all that stuff, and now I'm SURE that I won't be ordering them in the future. Lastly, I guess it's worth stating that although restaurant desserts are usually the most amazing tasting desserts ever, they're also usually NOT healthy or restrained or good for you...and CPK is no exception here. There is no suggestion for a dessert in the hopes that you just won't get one, hahaha. 

Note: All nutritional info listed is directly from CPK's website. Click on the link above to see it for yourself.