Doesn't everything look happy together?
I hate letting veggies rot in the fridge when I've paid perfectly good money for them. I'm always determined to use them and not freeze them because 1) some veggies are just not quite the same after being frozen, like onions, and 2) because if I eat it, that means I'm filling myself up with something healthy rather than something more "convenient" and from a can or a restaurant.

That being said, every so often...about one every two weeks or so, I end up making some sort of dinner where I just throw all the veggies that have been there the longest together into some sort of meal. This week, I ended up with the meal in the picture on the right~~~chicken breasts with "sauteed" veggies! I put the "sauteed" in quotes because normally sauteing involves using a lot of oil to help cook your veggies. Going down the healthier path of cooking means using oil to cook = bad! On the other hand, some oils are better than others and actually have health benefits, and using those healthier oils in small controlled amounts won't kill you. "Everything in moderation!" and so I used some coconut oil, but only a one teaspoon, which is WAY less than the normal 2 tablespoons of other unhealthier oils that lots of recipes call for.

This was one of the first few recipes I tried out when I started cooking my own "healthy" meals. I found the original recipe here on the Betty Crocker website. I thought, well, this is simple-ish, it'll make enough for tomorrow, and I don't have to make a crust! Sweet!

If you have a look at the original recipe, it calls for some pretty simple things. You'd think I was being ridiculous for trying to healthify it, but yes, it can be further healthified....and that's how I ended up with the recipe below. I switched out liquid egg whites for whole eggs, almond milk for regular milk, left out the oil, and left out the cheese. I'm not totally sure what the consistency on the inside was supposed to be like, but the first time I made these, I followed the recipe to the letter and ended up with a pretty cake-like middle...i.e. not at all the chicken pot pie I was hoping for. The second time I made them, I kept sticking them with toothpicks until I was sure that they would hold together, but still be a bit gooey on the insides...I love me some pot pie gravy!

I also just want to add here how much I hate recipes for always starting with "Preheat the oven at...." before you get to the ten million steps that follow. What they're telling me is that while I'm taking half an hour to follow all the other steps, my oven is on and wasting electricity for an extra 20 minutes. Silly, silly recipe writers. That being said, I add in the preheating step into the recipe where I think it should be done (see below if you don't believe me).